A Beginners Guide to CBD

Beginners guide to CBD | Columbia Care Platinum

If CBD is new to you, it can seem overwhelming trying to figure out where to start! We’ve put together our ABC of CBD to make sure you feel confident in your choices, and sure of how to use Columbia Care Platinum effectively.


Let’s start at the beginning, what exactly is CBD?

CBD (shortened from cannabidiol) is one of the many natural compounds that we are able to obtain from the cannabis plant.

Our bodies contain a system called an endocannabinoid system which produces its own cannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system is involved in regulating a number of processes and in maintaining homeostasis in the body.


CBD oil is a consumer product made from CBD, which is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant family and mixed with a carrier oil like hemp seed or coconut oil.


Columbia Care Platinum contains coconut oil, selected for its smooth texture and to ensure that the flavour profile meets our high expectations.


How much CBD should you take?

Everyone’s body is different, so the amount of CBD that will be right for you will depend on your own experience but as you will not feel high and as long as you stay within the recommended guidance there are no side effects to worry about. 


We recommend thinking about the number of milligrams (mg) that you take daily.  The Food Standards Agency in the UK recommends that you do not take more than 70mg each day without first speaking to your doctor, so we suggest that you keep within that guidance.


Columbia Care Platinum is available in two formats intended to make it easy for you to work out what suits you. 


When consuming the oil, it is easy to see how much you are going to use from the graded pipette.  The oil all contains 100mg CBD per mL so if you are looking for 50mg, then you just need to get 0.5mL measured in the pipette.  For 30mg, then it’s 0.3mL.


The softgel capsules contain 30mg each, so you can choose whether to take one or to take two.


The thing to bear in mind with CBD is that consistency is more important than taking a particular amount.  If you are not sure, then start with 30mg a day and work up from there.   This will give you plenty of opportunity to increase the dose.


When should I take CBD?

There isn’t one answer for this. It all depends on you, your body, your reason for taking it and most importantly how you can fit it into your daily routine to ensure that it becomes a constant.


You should bear in mind that the length of time that CBD remains in your blood may affect when you would like to take this.  If you would like to ensure there are levels of CBD in your blood overnight, then we recommend that you take CBD as part of your pre-bedtime routine.


We recommend using the first 3-4 weeks of taking CBD to explore how your body reacts and then working out how CBD oil can best fit into your life.


What are the benefits of CBD?

You may have heard people using CBD to help with pain, sleep, anxiety, arthritis among other things. There have been studies into the effects of CBD, however these are relatively new studies so further research is needed to better understand the potential of cannabidiol.

New to CBD? Don't panic. Begin your journey with our starter kit