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Our Story

Small things can make a big difference.
Sure, we could just go through the motions, plenty of people in the industry do.
But we prefer better. From start to finish, seed to shelf.

It’s the difference you’ll discover in our Platinum CBD product range.

Organic Beginnings

How we came to produce pure, premium CBD oil happened organically. As Columbia Care, we’re a leading producer of science-driven, cannabis plant-based therapies in the U.S, so it felt only natural to take our expertise and knowledge in this area to produce a trustworthy range of wellbeing supplements.

The seeds of Platinum CBD were sown.

And not just in any common garden soil either. To ensure the quality of our 100% organic hemp, our growers in the U.S. use a regenerative farming system to help recycle nutrients, retain water and minimize dependence on additives and agro-toxics. What’s more, we let our resident bees do the work of pollinating our plants and managing pests so we only rarely need to use organic pesticides.

Purity Pioneers

From cultivation onwards, our expert scientists – and standards – are no less rigorous.

We use cutting-edge processes at controlled pressure and temperatures to effectively rid our hemp of all the unwanted bits, like lipids, chlorophyll, plant waxes and any trace amounts of THC, retaining only naturally occurring cannabinoids.

In effect, more pure plant goodness in every drop of our CBD.

We also insist on the finest grade coconut MCT oil as a carrier to match the quality of our high purity product – the result? A smooth, silky-rich oil, with a warm, amber-gold appearance – that tastes every bit as premium as it looks.

Every Drop Verified

We care about the consistent quality of every single drop of our premium CBD oil. That’s why our safety precautions go above and beyond to ensure that every batch of our Platinum products is third-party tested by an independent accredited laboratory. You can see the results for yourself here or from the QR code on every individual pack.

With Columbia Care Platinum, better starts here.

CBD capsules | Columbia Care Platinum

We’re also Charter members of CMC and ACI

In 2018, Columbia Care became a charter member of the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC), the UK’s first major cannabis åindustry group. In 2019, Columbia Care joined the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI), the UK’s most influential CBD industry group.

Why choose Columbia Care


A wide range of retained cannabinoids from organically grown hemp provides a unique whole of plant therapeutic experience.

Unwavering standards

When developing our products, we take the utmost care from seed to shelf ensuring the formulations can be manufactured to the highest quality.

Quality you can see

We extract our CBD from organically grown hemp at or just below 40C so only the desired cannabinoids are extracted. That’s why our Platinum always looks golden or amber, because it’s of the highest purity.